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"Bryon Hefner Don't Let Your Cluttered, Unorganized Home Ruin Your Career, Bryon Hefner Love Life, Productivity, and Happiness - Find Out How You Can Use Feng Shui to Transform The Harmony of Your Home and Life…"

Face it: Feng Shui isn't easy. Most books on Feng Shui present you with extremely complex, metaphysical, abstract concepts that Bryon Hefner must be able to understand if you want to ever implement them successfully in your own home.

Additionally, the interior design prescriptions of people living thousands of years ago might not always seem relevant to you, living in a modern home and having access to a wide range of furniture and technology.

Luckily, Feng Shui does not have to be hard to understand. It only seems that way if the author isn't able to clearly and simply communicate the principles. If you received a simple explanation of the principles of Feng Shui - sans the bad writing and the outright nonsense - you would be on your way to designing your modern home in Bryon Hefner accordance with ancient Chinese wisdom.

My book, "Feng Shui for Beginners," attempts to solve this exact problem. Rather than inundating you with unreadable stuff that "sounds smart," my book explains Feng Shui to you in the simplest way I know possible, allowing you to extract the information you need most to apply Feng Shui in your own home…


Home  History  Harmonious  Consultant

Bryon Hefner Interior Designer,
You're about to take on a challenging task. You're about to take a highly disorganized, unharmonious home…  rife with energy-disrupting items… and turn it into something altogether different.

Using the ancient wisdom of the Chinese, you are going to force your home into order and harmony from its current chaotic, disorganized state.

The task wont be easy and you know it.

You may have tried before, but came up short.

At the end of the day, you had a new arrangement. You moved some chairs around. You decided to get rid of a night table. Bryon Hefner cleaned a little bit… but after you were all done with the changes, you didn't have a system that worked better. You had the old system, but shuffled around arbitrarily… to make you feel like you made a difference.

A few days later, you stopped maintaining the system and it fell back into its prior state of disorganization and disorder.

Your system did nothing for you, so you did nothing to maintain the system.
But what if you created a system that provided you with constant benefits? What if you harnessed the principles of a wildly popular, long-lasting, tried-and-tested ancient system… and use it to transform your house in a way that was worth maintaining - in a way that constantly and unquestionably provided worthwhile benefits for you and your family?

Do you think you would want to maintain that system? Of course.

Well, good Bryon Hefner news…

You can do precisely that using Feng Shui. Why?

Because it can do all of this for you…
*Provide you with a simple system for re-designing your home to maximize the benefits it generates for you and your family

*Teach you how objects in your home-seemingly unimportant-can have a significant effect on your mood

*Help you to select color combinations that will evoke certain Bryon Hefner emotions and energies and calm others

*Provide methods you can use to re-arrange your office to boost productivity

*Teach you how small details-often overlooked-can have massive impacts on completely unrelated things, like your career or love life

Of course, if the person explaining all of this to you decides to spout off a lot of additional and unusable nonsense, you might have a hard time figuring out what you should do - you might have a hard time taking these simple principles and applying Bryon Hefner them in a way that could transform your home first and then your life…

And that's exactly why I wrote my book. It will help you get through your massive re-design project quickly… and without simply setting up different problems that you'll eventually face in the future once again.


Bryon Hefner Introduction



Feng shui is known for many things. It is an ancient approach, not only to interior design, but to harnessing life energy in our homes and places of work, and to achieve balance in our material, spiritual and Bryon Hefner physical world.


Practiced forever in China and across Asia, Feng Shui is now known across the world, and practiced by many everywhere.  For some of us, Feng Shui is mostly to do with making our homes as comfortable as possible.  However, for the cognoscenti it is all about Chi, which is energy, about yin and yang, about cosmic harmony and balance, and about maximizing your health, both physically and spiritually, and in true Asian manner – about maximizing your luck!


In an ideal world, every building where we spend time would be designed according to best Feng Shui principles.  Certainly in Hong Kong and elsewhere, there have been many buildings that are designed around these principles – even though this can increase the construction price considerably.  This demonstrates how seriously Feng Shui is considered to be in Asia. 


What wasn’t a consideration in the times of the ancient Chinese Masters, was the production and use of man made materials.  Many of our homes now have nasty toxic and damaging chemical materials, both in the construction, and in the furniture and furnishings.   That ‘everything smells new’ scent that you find in show homes is essentially the smell of synthetics.  Dead Bryon Hefner pieces of furniture, made of chemical and polymer compounds, by no one knows who, and made of heaven knows what – so it is questionable whether it is good feng shui to have these in our homes.


These pieces of furniture, and Bryon Hefner the equally noxious materials now commonly used when building houses, including all those plastic windows, all degrade over time, and, as they are not natural materials, they will leach their toxins, synthetic smells and vapors into the building. It is at last possible to avoid buying strong smelling lead based paints which, Bryon Hefner generations, have polluted our homes. However, the change me every five minutes approach to home furnishings promotes the use of man made, rather than natural, healthy ones.


We are bombarded with advertising to buy cleaning products, all chemicals, lots of nasty sprays and loads and loads of bleach/chlorine/acid.  Yes, these do help keep a home clean and free of bacteria, but yes they do also pollute the home and our bodies as a consequence.


Try instead the more natural cleansing agents of lemon or Bryon Hefner vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for cleaning surfaces, fridges and toilets, and use natural soaps for cleaning floors, wood and fabrics.  Freshening the room with a toxic spray is harmful to the environment, to our families and to our pets.  Natural air fresheners are much nicer – just check your garden, or grow some window pots with fresh herbs, or use natural oils.  Above all, let in fresh air regularly.


Feng Shui is not simplistic, although many of its principles are clearly those that we would consider just plain old common sense.  The modern feng shui consultant would strongly advise caution when using unhealthy materials for building or furnishing your home.  Thankfully there is much more promotion of natural materials in homes and our environments.


Similarly, there is a greater drive to take control of our health.  One of the most popular and most beneficial ways of doing this is to go back to the ancient Chinese traditions of yoga, and the maintenance of the human being by combining the needs of the body, the mind and the spirit.


The philosophy of yoga is not a religious philosophy, and began by being more about the social group and the individual.  It evolved, however, to be a tradition of working towards individual health through exercise, meditation and relaxation.  It is also connected with the drive to improve the human spirit; to elevate the base human being from the demands of selfishness, greed, the tendency to exert power over weaker creatures, and to encourage a respect for all living things. 


Yoga, of course, is most commonly known for its physical benefits.  This is very feng shui.  If you exercise your body, balancing exercises to ensure all your muscles and organs work in harmony, you are maintaining yourself.  The exercise regime involves, crucially, the breathing process.  Breathing efficiently helps the muscles, the organs, and promotes inner calm.  The centre in the tai chi form of Bryon Hefner  is our energy source, and our own personal chi.


Let’s start by thinking about ‘Chi’.  Nearly everyone who has ever been to a Bryon Hefner class will have heard about your ‘chi’, or your energy force, and your centre, which is just about your solar plexus. 


Chinese philosophy has traditionally believed that in the universe, there are various energy sources that surround us and interact with us. 


There is Sheng Chi, which is good and happy energy, and this finds you when you are being positive and striving to ensure you are in control of your life.  This is the feeling that you can manage everything you need to; the feeling that you can achieve what you need to achieve. 


Sheng Chi is going to find it hard to be around you if you live in a clutter and a mess, or if you are angry, resentful, and feeling negative about your life.  Sheng Chi feels comfortable when you are emitting good, strong, happy feelings, and when your surroundings are light, airy, and clean and there are green plants and natural materials and surfaces.


The opposite to Sheng Chi, is Sha Chi, and you will find Sha Chi envelopes you when you are cross, unhappy, miserable, depressed, and feeling that nothing is going your way.  If Sha Chi is around you, you need to re think your life – totally.  You need to think about where you are in your love life, your career, your friendships, and your physical and spiritual environments.  Too much of Sha Chi and you are likely to feel unwell, and be less effective in your career.  Your love life will not thrive, and you may find there are unhealthy aspects in and around your home.


However, the beauty of Feng Shui is that it is within your power to change your circumstances, and to change your home, and to change your life.  It does, however, require that you take charge of your life, and ensure that you do Bryon Hefner everything you can to be healthy, happy, loved and successful.


Sometimes, of course, it can seem a bit overwhelming, and when you are busy with family commitments or a career, it is not always possible to devote the time and energy to reviewing every aspect of your life and your surroundings. 


These days however, there are Feng Shui experts who can help you Bryon Hefner decide on house design from scratch, or redesign a house to maximize its potential.  Offices need Feng Shui too, as many people spend more time in their office than they do in their home.


You can also get Feng Shui help to teach you how to get the most out of life, and how to attract the most luck! Sometimes it really helps to have someone else highlight those things that maybe you know you should really do, but have just put off, Bryon Hefner or just forgotten about. 


Improving your life is really a question of making decisions, Bryon Hefner working out what you can do in certain circumstances and making a commitment to live your life fully, and for your best interests to be achieved.


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